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August DEBUT
Books By Asian Authors 

Home to more than half of the world's population. Represented by less than 5% of published books. Asia has a wealth of stories to tell. We curate these gems as they get ready for launch. 

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The Secret at No.4 - A Box of Stories

Would you dare to unlock the chilling secrets of a cold case disappearance? 

The Secret at No.4 is a book that will undoubtedly ignite and satisfy your insatiable curiosity.

Authors Making A Debut

83% of published titles won't even make it to the bookshelves. The odds are stacked against new authors. Try a new voice. Launch a new author. 

Unravel the Witchcraft Whispers.


Beauty in Unlikely Friendships.


Decode a Cold Case Mystery.


Secrets unravel in gripping mystery.


From Shadows to Spotlight.


A Memoir Blended with Humour and Transformation.


Glamour, Mystique, and Hidden Power.

Our Mission

Every year 220,000 Titles are released in the U.K. 83% of these won't even make it to the bookshelves.

At A Box of Stories, our mission is to use our platform to empower undiscovered authors and amplify their voices. 

With Debut, we curate a unique collection of stories, for booklovers across the U.K to discover hidden gems as they get ready to launch across the world.