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The Secret at No.4 - A Box of Stories
The Secret at No.4

Decode a Cold Case Mystery.

Would you dare to unlock the chilling secrets of a cold case disappearance? The Secret at No.4 is a book that will undoubtedly ignite and satisfy your insatiable curiosity.

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Debut on 7th June 2023
Cover Type - Paperback
Page Count - 320 Pages


In the shadowed depths of No. 4, secrets whisper and a murder's specter lingers. As a cold-case podcast breathes life into the disappearance of Henry Carr, journalist Ruth returns to her haunting past, seeking answers among the wary residents. Time ticks away as Ruth uncovers chilling truths, unearths buried memories, and realizes the inescapable grip of the street. With each revelation, the line between hunter and hunted blurs, and the sinister secrets of No. 4 threaten to consume them all.
Darkness hides behind ten doors, but only one holds the truth.


“Long-buried secrets, compelling characters and a twist-a-minute plot kept me guessing to the final pages.”
- R.P. Bolton author of The Perfect House and My Lovely Daughter


About Edition

Book Title: The Secret at No.4- S.L.McManus
Book Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery
ISBN: 9780008553852
Number of Pages: 320
Publishing Date: 7th June 2023
Cover Type: Paperback

About Author

S.L. McManus, a secondary school teacher from Manchester, embarked on her writing journey during the lockdown. Her debut novel, The Secret at No.4, explores the complexities of relationships across time and generations. Drawing inspiration from her love for crime fiction and a desire to represent the neighborhoods of her upbringing, McManus weaves a compelling tale that resonates with readers.


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