A Box of Stories helps you discover fabulous authors  and amazing books around the world.  We curate books with exceptional reviews and ratings, always looking beyond the obvious bestseller.  We offer a surprise every single time at unbeatable prices, our algorithm uses reviews from book lovers all over the world to create unique boxes of stories, ensuring your box has books recommended and loved by real readers. No matter how many times you order we ensure that you never get the same book twice.

Our standard mixed and fiction boxes cost only £18.99, whilst our genre specific boxes, such as Crime, Mystery & Thriller cost £25.99 - all of our boxes include free UK shipping. There are savings included with all our subscription offers.

Each box contains four different surprise books beyond the 'obvious' bestsellers, with guaranteed rave reviews found with the help of our algorithm. The minimum RRP of the four books is £30.00.

Yes! Our boxes can be purchased as a subscription delivered as frequently as you would like. Just select subscribe and save when you add to cart to save 10% on every box after your first.

Yes. You can purchase our genre-specific boxes as a one off without a subscription.

That’s part of the surprise! You’ll find out what's inside the box only once you receive it. 

Our algorithm curates fantastic books, every box has an average rating of 4/5*, these hidden gems are reviewed by book lovers and bloggers from across the globe.

Currently we offer the following surprise boxes - 

1. Mixed Box (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

2. Fiction Box  (Mixed Fiction genres)

3. Crime, Mystery & Thriller Box

4. Historical Fiction

5. Light Reads

6. Young Adult

7. Science Fiction & Fantast

We’re book lovers just like you all, so we definitely want to expand our range as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our social media accounts and sign up to our mailing list to get the latest updates.

We also love hearing from our customers to see what they might like to see in future.

No matter how many times you order we ensure that you never get the same books twice. We regularly get new titles, as our algorithm carefully finds more hidden gems for you and us!

Please use the same email id to order every time to avoid duplicates.

Your box will be sent to you via tracked courier service. Once your box is dispatched, you will receive an automated email with your tracking number, which can be checked on https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/ enabling you to check you delivery status online, or via your mobile. 

Orders are usually delivered within 5 working days within the UK, and 10 working days internationally.  Due to the current circumstances, deliveries can on occasion take twice as long. Find more details here - COVID19 Deliveries 

Once you place an order, we send you and automated email with your order number and transaction details, please check your inbox/spam/junk folder, you would have received a mail from orders@aboxofstories.com

Yes - our boxes make great gifts! When you get to checkout just enter the shipping address, as the address of your desired gift recipient. If you can't decide which box they'd like you can always purchase a gift card so they can choose themselves!


This hasn't happened that often, please note that if the duplicate book received is not supplied by us in one of our boxes, we would not be able to replace or swap it as it kills the purpose of a surprise box. At this point, it is absolutely impossible for us to know which books you have already read.

You can reach us at info@aboxofstories.com for general enquiries, for order, dispatch or shipping details contact us on orders@aboxofstories.com  - kindly allow us some time to respond to you :)

Unfortunately we are no longer delivering internationally, but hope to resume in the near future.

We will be sad to know you would like to cancel the order. Please refer to our return policy for cancellation or returns.

If you need to return your order, please refer to our returns policy

Subscribing, rather than buying a one off box, unlocks your subscriber superpowers. You immediately get 5% off your first box and 10% off all remaining boxes that are part of a subscription, and are able to swap your box at any time to a different type during the subscription. You can also always select how frequently you want to receive your surprise books, pause the subscription if you need a break, and cancel whenever you would like to. 

Additional perks include being able to state certain genres and types of books you would not like to receive, and special subscriber only surprises in every third order placed with ABoS. You will also receive an invitation to our exclusive Facebook group where you can discuss these and other books with our community of book lovers!

You will need to create an accountusing the same email address used to place the order. You can then login and access the Manage Subscription page to make changes to your subscription. If you have more than one subscription they will all be shown here.

Go to Manage Subscription and select Products in your subscription. You will then be able to see all available boxes that you can swap to, as well as the recurring subscription price. Any additional valid discounts you have can be applied to your subscription after the swap is made.

Go to Manage Subscription and your Next order date is listed at the top under the name of your box. Select Change date to change the date your next box is prepared. You will receive the box within 5 business days of your selected date.

Go to Manage Subscription and your Order frequency is listed at the top under the name of your box. Select Change frequency and choose to receive your box every 1, or 3 months. If you would like to receive your box more or less frequently, please write to us at orders@aboxofstories.com and we’ll help you out!

Go to Manage Subscription and your Subscription status is listed at the top under the name of your box. Simply select Pause subscription and you will not receive any further boxes until you choose to unpause the subscription.

We would hate to see you go, but you can cancel at any time for any reason. Please email us at orders@aboxofstories.com and we'll get your subscription cancelled for you.

Once you have an active subscription, you will receive an invitation to identify a maximum of two genres you do not enjoy. When creating your box we’ll try to keep out any books that meet these criteria! If you already have an active subscription and don’t receive your invitation with any order placed after 5th November 2020, please email us at orders@aboxofstories.com and we’ll send it your way.

We keep a record of every book we send your way, so rest assured you won’t receive a duplicate book from ABoS as long as you always place your order using the same email address. All our books are picked from amongst the best of the undiscovered, and not only do our readers love them, but they have also usually not heard of them. However as an added option, once you place your order you will also have the option to share your Goodreads shelves of read books so we don’t send you any of those either!

These special subscriber-only rewards are our way of saying "Thank You!" for supporting our mission in saving amazing books from being lost and pulped. Every time you are about to receive your third order from ABoS, we’ll send you an email letting you know what delightful reward is heading your way in our exclusive box of happiness, from an additional free book in your box to savings of up to 50% off. Keep your eyes peeled for these and discover more closer to the time!

In case you were supposed to receive a reward in your box we will have emailed you in advance. Should your next eligible order be a gift card, don’t worry, you won’t miss out! Just email us at orders@aboxofstories.com and we’ll pop your gift into the next box headed your way.

Yes, as part of our subscriber superpowers package, the only way to get the rewards is to be an active subscriber. However if you place additional orders these will count towards your boxes so you don’t have to worry about missing out!

Do you have an active subscription? If yes, then we’re so sorry something went wrong. Email us at orders@aboxofstories.com and we’ll sort it out for you right away!

Absolutely! 😃

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