A Box of Stories helps you discover amazing stories from fabulous authors around the world.  We curate books with exceptional reviews and ratings, always looking beyond the 'obvious' bestseller.  We offer a surprise every single time at unbeatable prices, our algorithm uses reviews from book lovers all over the world, to create unique boxes of stories, ensuring your box has an average rating of 4* out of 5*. No matter how many times you order we ensure that you never get the same book twice.

Our standard mixed and fiction boxes cost only £14.99, whilst our genre specific boxes, such as Crime, Mystery & Thriller cost £21.99 - all of our boxes include free UK shipping (check T&Cs for international shipping costs).

We offer free UK shipping. Additional charges for international shipping are visible via our drop down menu at checkout, according to region and in the Terms and Conditions page.

Each box contains four different surprise books beyond the 'obvious' bestsellers, with guaranteed rave reviews found with the help of our algorithm. The minimum RRP of the four books is £30.00.

Yes! Our boxes can be purchased as a one off or as a recurring subscription. Just select subscribe and save when you add to cart to get 5% off each box. 

No. There is no need to subscribe with A Box of Stories, we give you the option to purchase a one-off box or a recurring subscription at a discounted price. This choice can be made before the item is added to cart.

That’s part of the surprise! You won’t find out what you’ll unbox until the box arrives. We guarantee that every book you recieve has great reviews (an average of 4* out of 5). So far all our customers have loved the surprise and we believe you will too!

No matter how many times you order we ensure that you never get the same books twice. We regularly get new titles, as our algorithm carefully finds more hidden gems for you and us!

Here at A Box of Stories we have learnt (with a little help from our algorithm) how to curate fantastic books into boxes of 4 with an average rating of 4/5* on review sites and from bloggers around the world.

Currently we offer the following boxes - 

1. Mixed Box (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

2. Fiction Box  (Mixed Fiction genres

3. Crime, Mystery & Thriller Box

4. Non-Fiction

5. Historical Fiction

We also love hearing from our customers to see what you might like to see in future. 

We’re book lovers just like you all, so we definitely want to expand our range as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our social media accounts and sign up to our mailing list to get the latest updates

All orders will be delivered within 4 working days, we will send you a tracking number and the boxes need to be signed for via Royal Mail.

Yes - our boxes make great gifts! When you get to checkout just enter the shipping address, as the address of your desired gift recipient.  

Yes! When you add your delivery address, our drop down menu will show you the shipping costs and timeframes.

Your box will be sent to you via tracked and signed courier service. Once your box is dispatched, you will receive an automated email with your tracking number, which can be checked on https://www.dxdelivery.com enabling you to check you delivery status online, or via your mobile.

You can reach us at info@aboxofstories.com or send us a DM on social media - we will respond to you as quickly as we can!

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