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We're here to help you discover amazing stories, with exceptional reviews and ratings, beyond the 'obvious' bestsellers. 

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We do this with the help of a happy book loving algorithm that uses reviews from book lovers all over the world, to create unique boxes of stories. 

No matter how many times you order we ensure that you never get the same books again.

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Yourself a surprise, in a world where there are so few. Allow us to take you on a different journey...away from the noise of obvious bestsellers, that every other person on the train is reading.


From our bundles of 4 books to match your reading appetite. You are guaranteed a box of books that come with rave reviews from book lovers around the globe. Our algorithm is poised to curate a special box for you.

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Books for Good

There can never be too many books in the world and that's why we we’re giving a percentage of our profits to World Literacy Foundation. So we can all keep spreading the joy of reading across the globe. : )

About Us

Approximately 200,000 titles are published every year in the UK. Just 10% of these are lucky enough to get a decent marketing budget and make it to the ‘Bestsellers’ List created via the media and in bookstores.

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True Reviews

"I have received my first box and ordering another... it's brilliant as broadens your reading horizons, there were a few books there that I normally would not think of buying personally, but I have so far enjoyed one of them very much! A delightful box of stories, give it a go as the surprise is worth it." Lucy C

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