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5 Books. A surprise box. Supporting a worthy Cause.

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A Box of Stories

We've built a happy computer program.

When you hit the 'Buy My Box' button, it reaches into a library of over 250 titles spanning 20 genres, curated into eclectic collections by us. It then randomly selects 5. It's yours for an unbelievable price of £14.99 and FREE Shipping! 

You won't know what the box gave you till you unwrap it. 

Every time you buy a box of stories, you help spread the joy of reading and literacy across the world.

Due to your overwhelming support, A Box Of Stories is here to stay, so you can keep adding to your library, with a new surprise box.

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Buying for the second / third time? We make sure you don't get a repeat!

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Books For Good

We're giving away 50% of our profits to our Partner The World Literacy Foundation

User Reviews

"I have had 3 boxes now and can’t recommend enough. They have all been excellent reads, it is a good way to try something new! A couple of them I would never of thought of picking up and buying myself so it is good encouragement," Natalie Pitt.

About Us

Consider us nobodies.

The one thread that ties us together is our love for books and our need to make a difference.


A fashion entrepreneur, a digital strategist and a media professional, from 2 different countries.

Good things often happen around a bottle of wine. In our case an idea that would help us spread the joy of reading and literacy.

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I Love Surprises

For the braveheart book lover. A Box of 5 Books for just £14.99 & FREE Shipping

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User Reviews

As a book blogger, I love finding boxes which involves books I never would have discovered. @aboxofstories came up as an ad and it was only £14.99 for 5 books. HECK YES. MONEY WELL SPENT”. @bookmarkthatuk on Twitter