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Yourself a surprise, in a world where there are so few. Allow us to take you on a different journey...away from the noise of obvious bestsellers, that every other person on the train is reading.


From our bundles of 4 books to match your reading appetite. You are guaranteed a box of books that come with rave reviews from book lovers around the globe. Our algorithm is poised to curate a special box for you.

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Books for Good

There can never be too many books in the world and that's why we we’re giving a percentage of our profits to World Literacy Foundation. So we can all keep spreading the joy of reading across the globe. : )

About Us

Approximately 200,000 titles are published every year in the UK. Just 10% of these are lucky enough to get a decent marketing budget and make it to the ‘Bestsellers’ List created via the media and in bookstores.

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"I have received my first box and ordering another... it's brilliant as broadens your reading horizons, there were a few books there that I normally would not think of buying personally, but I have so far enjoyed one of them very much! A delightful box of stories, give it a go as the surprise is worth it." Lucy C

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