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Queen K - A Box of Stories
Queen K‎

Glamour, Mystique, and Hidden Power.

If you want to immerse yourself in a world of glamour, mystery and hidden power dynamics, then Queen K is the ideal superyacht to get aboard.

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Debut on 20th July 2023
Cover Type - Paperback
Page Count - 288 Pages


Amidst a balmy March evening, Kata's husband's superyacht transforms into a realm of glamour and ambition. Orchids, champagne, and famous name cards adorn the deck, while tensions simmer beneath the surface. Through the lens of an unreliable English tutor, Queen K unveils the power dynamics within an extraordinary family, their once-protected haven threatened by encroaching world politics. Sarah Thomas weaves a tale of opulence, resentment, and intrigue, creating a world where acceptance comes at a cost.



'Beautifully crafted and compelling. Thomas perfectly captures the textures of entitlement and the inner workings of Russian plutocratic life lived between Moscow and Europe's glamour resorts'
- Caroline Knowles, author of Serious Money

'Thrilling, revealing and disturbing, Queen K dives deep into the hidden lives of the mega-rich, the dark structures of privilege and power, and the lies we tell ourselves to keep the illusion afloat. Thomas knows her subject inside out and it shows - her dazzling debut is both a gripping mystery and a relevant treatise on the dangers of wealth without limits'
- Emma Stonex, author of The Lamplighters

'A wry, unsettling take on privilege, avarice and corruption. This book pulls back the curtain on the lives of the ultra-rich and reveals a world fatally distorted by greed and arrogance; it navigates questions of class and complicity with a rare deftness'

- Keiran Goddard, author of Hourglass.

About Edition

Book Title: Queen K- Sarah Thomas
Book Genre: Contemporary Fiction
ISBN: 9781800814912
Number of Pages: 288
Publishing Date: 20th July 2023
Cover Type: Paperback

About Author

Sarah Thomas's extraordinary journey traverses continents, as she was born in Scotland, grew up in Kenya, and lives in London. As a tutor to the affluent, she roamed the globe, imbibing diverse cultures along the way. Her creative prowess shines through her written and performed works, gracing the pages of prestigious publications like TANK, Art Review, EPOCH, and Loewe. Now, with her debut novel, Queen K, Sarah unveils a captivating tale that transcends boundaries, showcasing her talent as a master storyteller.


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