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And Break the Pretty Kings - A Box of Stories
And Break the Pretty Kings

A Perilous Adventure Awaits.

If you're a fan of epic fantasy and captivating heroines, then you must join crown princess Mirae on a perilous quest to confront a fearsome monster and alter the future.

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Debut on 20th July 2023
Cover Type - Paperback
Page Count - 448 Pages


A crown princess named Mirae finds herself thrust into a world of peril and prophecy. As the ceremony before her coronation takes a terrifying turn, Mirae's dormant powers awaken, heralding the return of a fearsome monster. With her beloved brother held captive and war looming, Mirae embarks on a treacherous quest, joined by a diverse group of allies. As her own magic grows, Mirae must confront a future she is determined to alter at any cost. 


'A twisty, riveting page-turner filled with bold surprises! Jeong draws richly from Korean myths and legends, conjuring an immersive world where dark magic looms, destiny beckons, and one girl's unique ability to jump through time sets her on a collision path with fate.'
- June CL Tan, author of Jade Fire Gold

“A stunning ode to Korean mythology, And Break the Pretty Kings is a captivating modern update on the classic fantasy adventure.”
- Tanvi Berwah, author of Monsters Born and Made

'Brimming with rich magic and delicious prose, Jeong deftly weaves a time-bending tale of family, love, and the true cost of destiny. Get ready to have your heart stolen by this stunning debut.' 
- Swati Teerdhala, Author of The Tiger at Midnight trilogy

About Edition

Book Title: And Break the Pretty Kings - Lena Jeong
Book Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction
ISBN: 9780008622848
Number of Pages: 448
Publishing Date: 20th July 2023
Cover Type: Paperback

About Author

Lena Jeong's literary journey began in fifth grade when she penned her first novel. This charming tale featured a heroine named Macaroni Pizza, a dragon with a curious allergy to men, and a man in distress. Armed with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing, Lena's debut novel, Break the Pretty Kings, showcases her immense talent and a deep understanding of human emotions.

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