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Find Your Perfect Summer Read with A Box of Stories

We have come halfway through the year, and summer’s the perfect time to catch up with that reading goal you had set for yourself! Don’t worry about not finding the ‘perfect summer read' - your summer reading is all about you, not about the book genre. Any book from any genre can be your ideal book this summer, as long as it matches you well. Here’s a fun, interactive quiz that can help you find the surprise box of books that matches you the best, and here’s a peek into what your result might say about your personality (Not spilling any tea, don’t worry)!


Even though you do like to keep it real, you like a bit of drama, even in your regular, mundane summer days. Somebody who wants to make the most of their summer, no matter what your plans are. If that sounds like you, you are a lot like our Surprise Box of Fiction Books.


Crime Mystery & Thriller

Ah, you like your summer days to have an element of surprise, a bit of suspense even. It’s not always about what is more fun, but also about what is more intriguing. Sounds familiar? There's something eerily similar between you and our Crime, Mystery & Thriller Box of Surprise Books.


science fiction & fantasy

Ordinary summers are for mere mortals. The more extraordinary and multidimensional your summer plans get, the better. If a fantastical summer is in your cards, our Sci-Fi & Fantasy box may turn out to be your doppelganger.


Light Reads

Here’s where all the classic summer enthusiasts belong! Nothing’s better for you than relaxing with a book on the beach, having a lazy summer afternoon with a drink out in your backyard, spending the summer in the most quintessential ways possible. Our Light Reads Box of Surprise Books represents the perfect summer mood, just like you do.


Historical Fiction

Some people like to go a bit old-school with their summer, a bit vintage even. And by ‘some people’, we mean YOU. If you find yourself often imagining travelling back in time and spending a summer in the time period of your choice, you would go well with our Historical Fiction Box of Surprise Books.


Young Adult

Summer is not only the perfect time to catch up on your reading, summer’s also the time to go a bit reckless, finding a new adventure to go on everyday. If you are all about making your summer the most epic summer of your life, you might be twinning with our Young Adult box of Surprise Books.


If none of those match you well, you may be like us - up for anything, as long as they make amazing summer memories. You don’t mind a few thrills, but having a lazy relaxing summer also appeals to you very much. You are truly a Mixed box of Surprise Books!


If you still haven't found your perfect summer read, remember our quiz is here to help!

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