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7 Reasons You Should Join The ABoS Subscribers Community Right Now!

Promised yourself to read more this year? We’ve got you covered and beyond. 

Join the A Box of Stories Book Club Subscription & we’ll send you a surprise box of 4 amazing books every month - so that you’re always in good company and always have a new story to tell.

That’s not all, along with the splendid selection of books, there are several perks of being an ABoS subscriber. 


1. Unlock the Superpowers you get with every subscription:

Being an ABoS subscriber gives you tons of cool superpowers -

  • Swap Boxes: Swap between boxes anytime and as many times as you want

  • Pause Subscription: Pause your subscription whenever you need a break

  • Choose Frequency: Change your frequency between 1/2/3 months, whenever needed

  • Unlock Gifts: Get a bonus gift in every 3rd box, such as a free book, discounts, and more!


2. Choose from our selection of specially curated boxes:

We understand how picky some of us can be about what we like to read and that’s why we have something for every type of bookworm.

Want to go on an escapade, try out our fiction box. In the mood for a nail gripping story try out our crime mystery thriller box. Want it all? Order our Mixed box right away. We also launch limited edition boxes every few months, so watch this space for all current and upcoming surprise boxes!

ABoS Mixed Box


3. Feel Like You Belong:

If you’ve bought A Box of Stories you’ve probably heard of our closed Facebook Group where our readers discuss everything from what they got in their box, to what’s on their TBR list. If you aren’t familiar with this group already - you’re really missing out!

When you become a subscriber - you automatically get invited to join the group where you can find inspiration, reviews, and see what other people get in their boxes every month. It is a safe space for you to feel a part of a larger community of like-minded people who love books as much as you do :)

ABoS Private FB Community



4. Never get the same box (or book) twice:

We’re always listening and trying our best to send you all the books you want but didn’t know you wanted. We keep account of everything you say to us - what books you liked, which ones you didn't, which ones you want more of, and which you’d like less of - so that we can make sure that you never receive the same box or book twice.


5. Our delighters program for the wins: 

To keep the excitement going, we send you a surprise gift with every third box in your subscription. This could be a surprise gift, a discount code or a free book. We’re all about surprises at A Box of Stories! 

You can learn more about it as you wait at your doorsteps for the surprise coming in your next box.


6. Save 48 Books Every Year: Like we mentioned earlier, most great books never make it to the shelves / bestseller lists because their authors can’t afford the marketing/ publishing budget required to get it there. When you join the club and become a subscriber, you save 4 books from getting pulped every month. Let’s say you subscribed for the year and received 1 box every month -  that works out to about 48 books a year. Imagine if you told 5 book lovers to join in and subscribe too- that means you ( and your friends) could save almost  300 books from being destroyed forever!


7. We go beyond the box: Become a part of exciting events, get access to exclusive book reviews and book lover savvy blogs when you join the A Box of Stories community! Want to know more? Check out our social handles to know whats cooking!?

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Do you do horror and ghost stories

Joy Callaghan

Hi. Is there a horror box.

Sue Wallace

Do you do true storys

Julie Whittaker

How much does it cost to become a subscriber? I would LOVE to get 4 books a month! X

Catherine O’Rourke

Thank you for letting me join your book club I enjoy reading iv read some good books


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