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History’s Angel - A Box of Stories
History’s Angel

Debut on 6th July 2023
Cover Type - Hardback
Page Count - 288 Pages

This book is for those seeking a thought-provoking exploration of identity, societal unrest, the impact of societal erasure, and the power of history.

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In contemporary Delhi, Alif, a middle-aged history teacher, finds himself caught in the tumultuous currents of a changing India. As societal tensions rise, he grapples with personal challenges—a demanding wife, an ambitious son, and a lost love reentering his life. When a moment of anger costs him his job, Alif's world crumbles, mirroring the unrest in his city. Anjum Hasan's poignant and darkly humorous novel delves into the complexities of Muslim identity and the power of remembering history in the face of societal erasure.


"A seething seismic tale about the disturbing times the Muslims of India are living through. Told in a subdued, sad, ironical tenor, it is compassionate without being sentimental."
The Indian Express

'Our historical pasts and futures are conjoined here tantalisingly, with impressive skill, and with real tenderness' - Amit Chaudhuri

“A wonderful Delhi novel for our times, a Shahr-e-Ashob of the new India. History's Angel is eloquent, brave, elegiac and ultimately, heartbreaking. This remarkable novel reminded me of both of Ahmed Ali's Twilight in Delhi and Anita Desai's In Custody and confirms Anjum Hasan as one of our finest and most important writers.”
- William Dalrymple

'Told in a subdued, sad, ironical tenor, it is compassionate without being sentimental' - Geetanjali Shree, author of the International Booker Prize-winning Tomb of Sand

“Extremely timely ... History's Angel helps us view the erasures of the past through a living lens. With sensitivity and nuance, Anjum Hasan draws us into the world of Alif, a Muslim history teacher in contemporary Delhi.”
- Daisy Rockwell


About Edition

Book Title: History’s Angel - Anjum Hasan
Book Genre: Contemporary Fiction
ISBN: 9781526656032
Number of Pages: 288
Publishing Date: 6th July 2023
Cover Type: Hardback

About Author

Anjum Hasan, a renowned writer and critic, known for her captivating novels and poetry, has left an indelible mark on the literary world. Her works have graced the pages of prestigious publications and anthologies, showcasing her talent and depth. With her remarkable contributions, she now serves as a distinguished jury member for the esteemed JCB Prize for Literature.

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