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A Disappearance in Fiji - A Box of Stories
A Disappearance in Fiji

A Tropical Quest for Truth.

For those craving a lush tropical setting where historical mysteries and colonial fiction intertwine.

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Debut on 31st August 2023
Cover Type - Paperback
Page Count - 288 Pages


In the heart of colonial Fiji, Akal Singh, an exiled Indian police sergeant, embarks on a captivating mystery. Assigned to investigate the disappearance of an Indian woman from a sugarcane plantation, Akal's journey reveals the dark underbelly of indentured labour, British colonialism, and his own inner struggles. Nilima Rao's debut intertwines intrigue, social critique, and vibrant characters in a quest where justice and redemption hang in the balance.




“Rao skillfully weaves descriptions of the treatment and living conditions of Indian workers into the propulsive plot and draws a host of vibrant characters. This is an exceptionally promising debut.”- Publishers Weekly

“This is an utterly charming novel. The setting is exotic and the characters are intriguing. Nilima Rao is an author well worth discovering.” - Alexander McCall Smith

“Meet Sergeant Akal Singh, the complex and charming hero of a thoroughly original mystery set in 1914 Fiji. Fans of Golden Age mysteries will relish this debut novel by a compelling new talent, Nilima Rao. More, please!” - Sujata Massey, Agatha Award-winning author of The Widows of Malabar Hill


About Edition

Book Title: A Disappearance in Fiji - Nilima Rao
Book Genre: Crime, Thriller, Historical Mystery
ISBN: 9781804183007
Number of Pages: 288
Publishing Date: 31st August 2023
Cover Type: Paperback

About Author

Nilima Rao is a Fijian Indian Australian who has always referred to herself as 'culturally confused'. She has since learned that we are all confused in some way and now feels better about the whole thing. When she isn't writing, Nilima can be found wrangling data (the dreaded day job) or wandering around Melbourne laneways in search of the next new wine bar. A Disappearance in Fiji is her first novel and she is currently working on a second.

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