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HERC - Phoenicia Rogerson - A Box of Stories
HERC - Phoenicia Rogerson

Debut on 31st August 2023
Cover Type - Hardback
Page Count - 416 Pages

If you're looking for a mythological retelling that offers a fresh perspective then don't miss this unique take on the Hercules myth


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The book delves into a mythological world where Hercules takes a backseat, and the untold voices of those around him take centre stage. Alcmene, the formidable mother armed with knives; Hylas, Hercules' more-than-friend; Megara, his wife, ready to reveal their complex marriage and characters to witness. Through humour and heart, this feminist and queer retelling of the classic Hercules myth sheds light on the silenced characters.




'Alternately hilarious and shocking, this is an astonishingly vivid retelling of the story of Hercules, and these are not the Greek myths I learned in school.' - Jodi Taylor, author of Just One Damned Thing After Another

"A brilliant, witty and unique retelling of the myths that at times had me laughing out loud. Rogerson's impressive talent leaps from the pages." - Carly Reagon, author of The Toll House

"Hercules had his story, now it's time for everyone else to get their say. Wickedly fun and devilishly dark – the tell-all for our times."- Cari Thomas, author of Threadneedle

"A captivating retelling with a very definite, personal voice, and a sharp, fresh perspective on the lives surrounding the hero rather than from the perspective of the hero himself."- Genevieve Cogman, Sunday Times bestselling author of Scarlet


About Edition

Book Title: HERC - Phoenicia Rogerson
Book Genre: Fantasy Fiction 
ISBN: 9780008589820
Number of Pages: 416
Publishing Date: 31st August 2023
Cover Type: Hardback

About Author

Phoenicia Rogerson, an ardent lover of Greek mythology, channels her lifelong infatuation into her work as a writer. Based in London, she passionately advocates for the coolness of grammar and enjoys engaging in discussions about language. In her free time, Phoenicia can be found immersing herself in the chilling waters, a testament to her unwavering connection to Cornwall. Her dedication to her craft and her diverse interests shape her unique perspective, fueling her creativity.

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