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Every Rising Sun - A Box of Stories
Every Rising Sun

A Medieval Saga.

Would you venture into a vivid medieval world, where treacherous palaces and the chaos of the Crusades intertwine? This book dwells on the power of storytelling.

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Debut on 6th July 2023
Cover Type - Hardback
Page Count - 432 Pages


Shaherazade, the master storyteller, weaves her way through treacherous palaces and the chaos of the Crusades. In this unique retelling of One Thousand and One Nights, Shaherazade's wit and political savvy become her weapons as she navigates a land on the brink of destruction. Every night, she spins tales to captivate the enraged Malik and safeguard her own life. Jamila Ahmed's exquisite debut is a literary tribute to the power of storytelling, immersing readers in a vividly imagined medieval Islamic world and the indomitable spirit of its unforgettable heroine.


"A sumptuous, delicious novel infused with the joys of storytelling. A bold, heady journey into the riches and passions of Crusader history, presenting a fresh and fascinating Muslim perspective."
- Leila Aboulela, award-winning author of The Translator and River Spirit

“With imaginative creativity and embellishment of its 12th-century Persia setting, this novel is a striking testament to the power of stories“
- Library Journal 

“Richly imagined and sumptuously told . . . Ahmed deftly interweaves history and myth to create a world that is as compelling as it is magical. Every chapter leaves you eager to sit at Shaherazade's feet once more”
- G. Willow Wilson, author of The Bird King

About Edition

Book Title: Every Rising Sun- Jamila Ahmed
Book Genre: Historical Fiction
ISBN: 9781399805964
Number of Pages: 432
Publishing Date: 6th July 2023
Cover Type: Hardback

About Author

Jamila Ahmed is a Pakistani-American writer and lawyer. Her writing focuses on the stories and histories of the South Asian and Muslim diaspora. She graduated from Barnard College, where she studied medieval Islamic history and Harvard Law School.

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