Terms & Conditions - A Box of Stories Prepaid Subscription for LNER


A FREE Box of Stories is available when you sign up for a yearly subscription service.

  1. You can cancel your subscription at any time and will only pay for the boxes you have received, including the first box which is free is part of the subscription offer. A box charge of £20.83 applies.

  2. If you cancel after your first free box, as part of the
    subscription, you will need to send the box back in order to
    receive a full refund. If not a charge of £20.83 will be deducted
    for the Box.

  3. If you cancel while a box has already been shipped, you will
    need to send it back to A Box of Stories before the refund is
    implemented. If not, the box will be considered received and
    the balance will be refunded.

  4. The genre of the box can be amended at any time but must at
    least 7 days of notice prior to distribution via orders@aboxofstories.com.

  5. If you don’t like the box of books, you have received, you can
    return them and receive a refund. This will not apply to the first
    box of free books.

  6. If you are not ready to receive your next box of books, you can
    delay receiving them, by emailing orders@aboxofstories.com.

  7. The offer can only be redeemed through the following link:

  8. All refunds take between 7-10 working days.