Our Sustainability Efforts

We know there’s nothing better than a physical book: holding it in your hands, flicking through the pages, filling up your shelves with your favourites and that sense of accomplishment when you reach the final page of a classic! We want to make sure readers can continue to enjoy print books for years to come, which is why we are passionate about helping the book industry become as sustainable as possible.

In the publishing industry it has become far too common for books to be overproduced and not end up on store shelves, so much so that each year in the UK 77 million books never reach readers and have to be destroyed. This number is far too high and as only 17% of titles published are given a marketing budget, think of all the great books you’re missing out on! 

At A Box of Stories we care about saving books and saving the planet. We work with the UK’s largest publishers to help stop brilliant books from being destroyed by sharing them with readers around the world. Our algorithm curates boxes of books that haven’t been given a chance, but that we know readers will love and so far you’ve already helped us save over 95,600 books!

It is so important to think about the environment in everything that we do and when we surveyed a selection of our customers last year, over three quarters of you told us that you try your best to be eco-friendly and often consider where your products come from and what happens when you dispose of them!

With 15.4 billion trees being cut down every year it’s important to support those who are doing their bit to help the environment. 

From start to finish, we’re doing everything we can to be fully sustainable. We promise you that all of our books have been saved from being destroyed and all of our packaging is recyclable and we pledge to continue doing our bit and keep A Box of Stories as eco-friendly as possible and we’re always looking for the next best way to help save the planet!

We also want to thank every one of you who has supported us in our efforts and know that every time you order A Box of Stories you are saving four books from being destroyed! We hope that this brings you some peace of mind when you open up your next read from A Box of Stories!

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