Crime Mystery and Thriller

The Crime, Mystery & Thriller Box

Addicted to watching Luther, the Line of Duty and Mindhunter? Or do you enjoy solving crimes alongside Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie? Then our Crime, Mystery & Thriller box is the one for you. As our best selling box, CMT is the perfect choice for any book lover and a great gift for anyone with a love for mystery.

We've specially selected our books using our algorithm that searches through thousands of books to curate highly rated books, using blogs and readers reviews from around the world.

Stuck reading the same authors? Our CMT box is the perfect opportunity to expand your reading horizons and discover new authors you will thoroughly enjoy but wouldn't have found on your own. 


You will receive Crime, Mystery & Thriller fiction novels published by the UK's leading publishers.

Every box has 4 books with an average RRP of £40, yours for only £21.99.

- You will never receive the same box (or book) twice

- All brand new books

- Free UK shipping

- Allow 4 business days for UK delivery

 *Check T&Cs for International Shipping

A Box of Surprises Every Single Time

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