The SUPER POWERS you get when you join the ABoS subscribers clan - A Box of Stories

We are a strong community of over 3000+ subscribers at A Box of Stories and according to our subscribers, we are UK’s BEST and most FLEXIBLE book subscription box now. 

But did you know? That being an ABoS subscriber gives you some top-drawer superpowers!

Swap Your Subscription

Pause Your Subscription

Frequency of Your Subscription

Your Subscription Comes With A Gift!


We are sure this was convincing enough, subscribe now to one out of our amazing selection of subscription boxes. We would love to deliver our box of happiness at your doorsteps as often as you like. 

JOIN THE GANG NOW!! 🦸‍♀️🦸🏻‍♂️🦸‍♀️🦸🏻‍♂️

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21 July, 2021

Jessica Hinde

If you daughter is anything like me (24y/o) I would pick a surprise box. I read a minimum of 4 books a month for a variation is always nice to have

21 July, 2021


This seems like an amazing idea and I’m so excited to receive my first box!

I’ve linked my goodreads and opted out of 2 genres that don’t appeal to me so I have really high hopes for my first box. Love the concept of saving lesser known books and maybe finding a hidden gem. And the price is amazing too! Just want to say thanks for existing. 😊

24 January, 2021

Michaela McConnell

Hi,I’ve done the A box of Stories prescription for my daughter, as a Christmas present, not entirely sure what she wants or like, however she reads alot (English teacher, only 24yrs old)
Much appreciated

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