Perfect Christmas Gift for the Reader

The Perfect Christmas Gift for the Reader in Your Life: A Box of Stories

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  1. Why is A Box of Stories the Best Book Subscription Box for Christmas
    1. Something for Everyone
    2. Spread the Joy of reading
    3. Discover Hidden Gems
    4. Easy and Convenient
    5. Thoughtful and Personalized
    6. A Specially Curated Surprise
  2. FAQs
  3. The Best Book Subscription Box for Christmas by A Box of Stories



1. Why is A Box of Stories the Best Book Subscription Box for Christmas

1.    Something for Everyone


Perfect Christmas Gift for the Reader


Be it a ratty teenager or your cookie-hogging grandpa, A Box of Stories has made it a walk in the park to pick out the perfect Christmas gift for readers. Our uniquely curated boxes offer an incredible variety of genres, making sure there is something for each generation and everyone’s preference. From gripping science fiction to a box of light reads for a lazy afternoon with a cup of tea, A Box of Stories caters to all tastes and ages. This holiday season, give the gift of storytelling that bridges generations and fosters the joy of reading for everyone.


2.    Spread the Joy of reading

Perfect Christmas Gift for the Reader


Embrace the spirit of the season and spread the joy of reading with A Box of Stories. Each gift box is a gateway to new worlds, and unforgettable adventures. By sharing these you're gifting the magic of imagination and the timeless pleasure of getting lost in a good book. These Christmas gift boxes are the perfect gift for book lovers.

This Christmas, give back a little by choosing A Box of Stories. Come join us as we create a big happy circle, spreading the love for reading across the globe.


3.    Discover Hidden Gems

Book subscription boxes are an incredible way for readers to discover new authors, hear from fresh voices; all in the comfort of their home. These boxes showcase new voices and support underrepresented groups. They are specifically designed to unearth literary gems for our customers. They act as a platform for up-and-coming authors from all around the globe. These lesser-known books have a lot of potential to become favourites, introducing readers to authors and stories that are not mainstream. With A Box of Stories, you are not just giving books; you are gifting the joy of reading and the thrill of finding new titles waiting to be read. What are you waiting for? This is literally the perfect Christmas gift for a book lover!


4.    Easy and Convenient

Are you an introvert who prefers online shopping? Or do you leave gift shopping till the last minute? Not to worry, A Box of Stories is here to rescue you!

A Box of Stories has a wide variety of gift boxes that are the perfect Christmas gift for book lovers. With each subscription you get an overall discount of 20%, and can swap or skip anytime you wish. You also have the option to select the frequency of the delivery according to your wish. There’s more! With every 3rd box, you get a special gift; be it an extra book or a special discount code. And of course, shipping is free across the U.K.


5.    Thoughtful and Personalized

Perfect Christmas Gift for the Reader


A Box of Stories’s Christmas gift boxes go beyond being a simple gift; they are a testament to your thoughtfulness and consideration. With the option to personalize the subscription, you can tailor the reading experience to your friend’s tastes. Whether they're into romance, thrilling mysteries, or thoughtful literary fiction, you can choose the genres accordingly. This personalized touch not only demonstrates your understanding of their reading habits but also shows that you've put in the effort to make their gift truly special. They'll be reminded of you whenever they open a new box. It's a gift that speaks directly to their interests, making it the perfect Christmas gift for book lovers. With A Box of Stories, you're not just giving a subscription; you're giving a customized journey through the pages of their favorite literary works.


6.    A Specially Curated Surprise

Perfect Christmas Gift for the Reader


Elevate the joy of gifting with A Box of Stories, a specially curated surprise Christmas gift box that's the perfect gift. Our process begins by selecting titles with proven sales records, followed by our algorithm sifting through thousands of reader reviews. The result? Unique boxes guaranteed to wow any book lover. Unlike other subscriptions offering 1 or 2 predetermined books, our algorithm curates each box uniquely for the recipient, ensuring a surprise every time. Unwrapping an A Box of Stories gift reveals authors and stories that might have otherwise remained hidden……. Join us in spreading the word, so more book enthusiasts can discover these.


2. FAQs

  1. How often will the recipient receive boxes?

Boxes can be delivered monthly, bi-monthly, or as a one-time gift.


  1. Can I specify the genres for the books?

Absolutely! You can tailor the genres to suit the recipient's preferences.


  1. Are the books brand new?

Yes, all books are brand new and carefully selected for quality.


  1. Can I track the delivery?

Of course, you'll receive tracking information once the box is shipped.


3. The Best Book Subscription Boxes for Christmas by A Box of Stories

Hopefully you have been convinced to opt for one of our Christmas gift boxes by now, and if not check out the great deals and huge range of gift boxes just waiting to be sent to a book lover. Starting at £25.99, these boxes contain 4 marvellous reads that are uniquely curated according to the reader’s preferences. And no need to worry if you are not sure about your friend’s tastes in books, we have gift cards starting from £23.99 that are here to save the day.


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