An extra surprise in your surprise book subscription box?! Introducing our ‘Delighters Program’. - A Box of Stories

An extra surprise in your surprise book subscription box?! Introducing our ‘Delighters Program’.

What could be more exciting than a surprise box of 4 books? An extra surprise in the surprise box! Here at A Box of Stories we are all about surprises, and that's why we are bringing you our “Delighters Program”- a subscribers-only reward program. This is our way of saying "Thank You!" for supporting our mission in saving amazing books from being pulped and lost forever.

What is the Delighters Program?

For starters, every time you subscribe to one of our boxes, every third box you receive, will come with an extra surprise gift. This could be anything from an extra book to discounts up to 50% off. We've code-named them Delighters because we know they’ll fetch a smile on your face.

Who is eligible to benefit from the Delighters Program? 

Only the ABoS subscribers community. You need to be an active subscriber in order to be eligible for Delighters. Not a subscriber yet? Become one right away.

When do I receive the extra surprises?

If you are an active subscriber, every 3rd box you receive under your existing subscription, from November, will come with a surprise gift. 

If you are planning on becoming a part of the ABoS subscribers community, every 3rd box under your active subscription will come with a surprise gift in it. 

What will the gift be? 

Well, we will leave the guessing to you. It could be anything from an extra free book, a jazzy discount code, free merchandise, etc. 

If you have any other questions, you can check our FAQ page or write to us at

We hope you are as excited about being a part of the Delighters Program as we are about sneaking in an extra surprise in your box. 

Happy reading!

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Thank you. this is an amazing idea. I have been a member for nearly 12 months now and still look forward to my box each month. i have been introduced to books that i would never have looked twice at before. it has even got my husband reading some of the books as well.
thank you and keep up the good work x


Great to be part of the lighter programme. Can’t wait for my next box

Janet Parkes

Amazing!!! Thank you so much for welcoming me to the Delighters Program :-)

Stacey Birch

I love this added excitement. It will be my 6th box next month and I’m over the moon about getting the half price discount. Thank you. I’m so glad I discovered Box of Stories and it’s reignited my love of reading. Being introduced to books I would never have looked twice at before and enjoying them has been a refreshing experience.


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