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How a Book Subscription Box Supports Independent Authors and Publishers

Today, we dive into the fascinating world of book subscription boxes and their crucial role in supporting independent authors and publishers. These subscription services have become powerful allies for up-and-coming authors, providing a platform to showcase their work to a passionate community of readers. From unearthing hidden gems to broadcasting diverse voices, we'll explore how they create opportunities for indie authors and publishers.


Table of Contents

  1. What is a Book Subscription Box?
  2. Book Subscription Box benefits
    • 2.1. Discovering New Authors
    • 2.2. Supporting Independent ‘Indie’ Publishers
    • 2.3. Showcasing New Voices
    • 2.4. Supporting Diverse Literature
  3. About A Box of Stories


1. What is a Book Subscription Box?


What is book subscription Box



A book box is a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly subscription service which delivers a package of unique books straight to you. Now you can have a unique experience in the comfort of your own home by opting for a book subscription box. No need to step out or spend hours searching for the perfect book to read anymore!


The contents of the box are a mystery to the receiver with only a theme or genre to go by. Popular boxes are currently these genres; Fantasy, Fiction, and Young Adult. A surprise literary adventure is the perfect start to the month!


Subscription boxes are ordered online and delivered to the reader’s doorstep, which makes them an affordable and highly convenient way to discover new authors and get exclusive releases. Not to mention, these boxes are the best gift for all the book lovers in your life!


2. Book Subscription Box Benefits

   2.1 Discovering New Authors

Are you looking to read from new authors? Look no more! Such boxes are an incredible way of book promotion for independent authors who choose to self-publish. They showcase new voices and support underrepresented groups. It’s like a treasure hunt for literary brilliance! They act as a platform for up and coming authors from all around the globe.


What is book subscription Box



Approximately 200,000 titles are published each year in the UK alone. However, only 17% of those make it to the shelf and even fewer to the bestsellers’ list! Such boxes help you discover some of these hidden gems each month, saving them from ending up in the landfill. 83% of the fresh releases don’t get a marketing budget and are not able to make it to the bookshelves, thus have little hope for quality book promotion.


   2.2 Supporting Independent ‘Indie’ Publishers

Do you see who the publisher is, when you pick up a new book? Most of the time as readers, we only notice the title, the author, the genre, and maybe the synopsis, but leave out one of the most crucial parts of bringing books to life; the publisher. While this doesn’t make much of a difference for the large publishing houses, it could be the difference that makes or breaks independent publishers. It is a common misbelief that publishers possess unlimited resources ̶ something that is not true for indie publishers.


Indie publishers largely publish works that are overlooked or rejected by the bigger publishing houses as they don’t want to take many risks. There is an inherent lack of diversity amongst the major publishers, small presses aim to even the scale by promoting independent authors, advocating for marginalized groups, and supporting diverse literature.


Book box subscription services like A Box of Stories make an effort to support indie publishers and promote underrepresented groups. A Box of Stories promises to showcase new voices and minority groups.


   2.3 Showcasing New Voices

These boxes are like a VIP pass to discovering new voices in the literary world! They curate undiscovered gems from upcoming voices, shining the much overdue spotlight on their talent. By subscribing to boxes such as A Box of Stories, you’re not just getting fresh books, but also empowering and encouraging writers to share their stories with the world.


Indie authors choose to self publish or go for smaller publishing houses as that guarantees more freedom of expression. Larger publishing houses choose to not take risks and hence many independent authors are refused marketing budgets. Looking to explore hidden authors? Book boxes help in showcasing new voices which otherwise would have been buried deep under bestseller lists and major publishing houses. Every time you open a box you discover an author or a book that you might not have otherwise come across or selected.


   2.4 Supporting Diverse Literature

Book subscription boxes are rocking the literary community by promoting diverse literature! These boxes go way beyond mainstream by actively seeking out inclusive literature. They actively search for books from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. You get to see a whole different perspective of the world from the comfort of your cozy reading nook.


And wait, there’s more! Subscription boxes are like cheerleaders for new authors, shining the spotlight on them. So if you’re all about expanding your literary horizons and supporting diverse literature, their monthly book boxes are your new best friends.


3. So which subscription should you go for?

A Box of Stories offers an enticing subscription service that brings the joy of reading to life. With each box, subscribers receive a delightful assortment of four books, carefully curated through a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes popular titles and thousands of reader reviews. Emphasizing personalization, every box is uniquely tailored to the individual, ensuring a delightful surprise with every delivery.



Benefits of book subscription box



Moreover, subscribers can take advantage of a flat 20% discount on all boxes with their subscription and have the flexibility to swap, switch, or skip boxes at any time. The added excitement of a surprise gift in every third box adds to the anticipation and enjoyment. By supporting literacy charities with a percentage of their profits, we here at A Box of Stories are not only creating a happy circle of book lovers but also spreading the love of reading across the globe.


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