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Physical books are back

It’s 2020 and BOOKS ARE BACK! We’re so glad all you readers around the world are loving books more every year. The book industry made nearly $30 billion in 2019 - of which $20 billion was from print books!!!

THANK YOU!!! With your love and support, A Box of Stories was able to keep supporting authors and saving brilliant books in 2019! We knew you guys still cared about reading and your support helps us to continue to help other book lovers discover amazing reads.


We love it when you reach out to us on social media, email and tag us in your photos! Thanks to your reviews and feedback, we’re rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot and 4.8/5 stars on Facebook. We can’t wait to grow to help more readers around the world.


WE LAUNCHED GENRE BOXES!!!! The success of our first genre box in August, the limited ‘Summer Reads’ box, encouraged us to launch a  ‘Crime, Mystery & Thriller’ box. Thank you so much for loving it so much, it’s our current bestseller!  


We've been busy thinking about new genre boxes and THERE'S MORE COMING SOON!!! 2020 is set to be our biggest year yet - keep your eyes peeled for the new genre boxes!! 👀

We couldn’t have done this without all your support and we are so grateful that it is our job to help fellow book lovers find more amazing reads. 


Start your 2020 on the right foot with one of our BEST OFFERS yet. Save up to £53 by prepaying for your subscription! Follow these simple steps:


  1. Pick a box
  2. Select subscribe and save
  3. Click prepay and choose your plan
  4. That’s it!!

Enjoy reading all new authors at an amazing price. Happy reading! 💕

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