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ABoSer-Pick: 5 Independent Bookshops You Must Visit!

We all have that one favourite local bookshop that, if one were to ever search for us, they would likely find us there on most days. Filled with bookshelves where no matter who you are, you would always discover something you love, and with cozy reading spots, and friendly booksellers - they are an essential in every book lover’s world! 

Since it’s Independent Bookshop Week, we wanted to get more eyes on some of these much loved bookshops, and asked our community to recommend some of their favourites that everyone must visit, and here are their picks:


The Book Hive

Wander down to the heart of Norwich, for the most unique book browsing experience, as The Book Hive sorts books not in classic sections, but in special mixes handpicked by the booksellers themselves! Not only that, The Book Hive also publishes books, hosts bookish events, rents out special writing booths, and over all, celebrates the world of printed material beautifully.


Scarthin Books

Scarthin Books justifies the title of the UK’s “most enjoyable bookshop” very well, through its large collections of both new and second-hand books catering to every subject you can think of, and through its lovely café in which you can relax and read, and through the beautiful walls adorned with curious exhibits. They even publish books which would most certainly elevate your travel experience! They are not only the most enjoyable, but are also undeniably one of the most loved independent bookshops in the UK.


Pigeon Books

Love reading? Love your neighbourhood? Saddened by the lack of independent bookshops in it? Well, that’s how Pigeon Books came to be! Starting from a small pop-up, making its place in the Southsea community, it has now grown to have a large browsing space which houses assorted titles across a range of genres, from fiction to queer lit to diverse children’s books, to basically anything and everything you could be searching for.


The Little Ripon Bookshop

Located a stone’s throw from the beautiful Fountain’s Abbey, this independent bookshop is sure to make you fall in love on the very first visit! By hosting fun, engaging events that celebrate book love in the most creative ways, and by working incredibly hard to always have the book you are searching for, The Little Ripon Bookshop makes every book lover feel at home.


The Book Corner

If you find yourself in the northwest corner of The Piece Hall, make sure you give The Book Corner a visit! No matter what age you are, you would find a special dedicated nook with books perfect for you! You could also attend book signings, talks and storytime sessions, but you should definitely not miss Halifax’s annual Festival For Words that The Book Corner hosts every October, featuring spoken word events and readings, accompanied by live music!


Have you visited any of these wonderful bookshops yet? If not, add them to your summer to-visit list now! Think your local bookshop deserves a shoutout too? Drop your recommendations in the comments below, we would love to know about all your favourites.

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