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A Box Explained - Young Adult

If you think Young Adult boxes are just for fans of vampires, werewolves and love triangles, we’re here to bust that myth. After thorough research, we have curated the absolute best in the world of YA fiction, and brought them to the homes of our wonderful subscribers. The YA box is a classic fan favorite and here’s why:


Reading YA Fiction

  • Packed with oodles of fun for all ages
Not only is it age appropriate for teens and tweens, it can also completely captivate and enthrall adults. So whether you are a teen who is eager to binge read their next YA series or an adult who just wants to pick up a nice, light read, this box has something for all ages.

  • Discover highly rated books by undiscovered authors
If you are feeling a sense of been-there-read-that from all YA books, we can introduce you to new, highly acclaimed works of authors you may have never heard of. This box brings you an opportunity to get lost in a whole new world.
  • A coveted mix of your favorite genres

From angst-filled romance, to rom-coms; from queens and knights to dragons and witchcraft; from unsolved murders to rogue spies - this box contains a randomized mix of the most loved genres, each as addictive as the next.


YA Favorites from past boxes

And just to give you a bit of a hint to what you could find in a YA box, our past boxes have been packed with the awesomeness of books like Spellslinger, Insignia, Tessa In Love, Birdy, Hope Is Our Only Wing, and many more.

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