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5 Subscription Boxes That Can Help You Be Greener In 2023

We would all love to do our bit for our planet and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, but something always gets in the way - be it finding the right products, sticking to a budget, or just the lil ol’ pandemic not letting you go out to the stores! Worry no more, we have the perfect solution - SUBSCRIPTION BOXES!

Why subscription boxes?

Subscription boxes source and curate the best products for you, and deliver them right to your doorsteps, so you no longer have to worry about how and where to look. The products they contain are often costlier than what you pay for the box, meaning you get a great value for money. What’s more, subscribing to a box that caters to your interests helps you discover and try many products you wouldn’t have known otherwise!

But which subscription boxes do you start with? We can recommend some of the best ones that make sure no matter what your interests are, you would always be on the greener side:




1. Oddbox

Oddbox tackles the world’s third biggest contributor to greenhouse emissions - food waste! And by extension, wastage of energy, water and the time that went into growing it.They work directly with farmers to learn what fruit & veg are in excess each week, and also to cut out the supermarkets and prevent more food from getting wasted. 

With each subscription, you could get boxes of fruits, vegetables or both combined, in three different sizes, depending on your requirements - small, medium and large.

The ecological issue that they're working towards: Over 3 million tonnes of fruit & veg are wasted before they even leave the farm, in the UK.



2. A Box of Stories

A Box of Stories is here to make your bookish ‘add to cart' feel like you’re doing something good. With every box, you save 4 books from getting pulped and getting lost forever. That’s not all, every box helps you discover 4 surprise books that you may never have heard of before, written by amazing undiscovered authors, yet highly rated by book lovers.

You can get your boxes as often as you like, and pause your subscription whenever you need a break! From crime, mystery & thriller to young adult fiction, there is a wide range of genres to choose from, and you can even swap genres as often as you want.

The ecological issue that they're working towards: In the UK alone, over 77 million books get destroyed before they even get a chance to be read every year.

Start Discovering



3. ShoreBox

Not only is plastic polluting our water and air, plastic is everywhere - and that’s how it will be till we do something about it. That’s the thought Shorebox had in mind, when they created a subscription service that delivers 4 zero-waste items to enable you to do your bit. Everybody knows the importance of self care, but Shorebox makes even your self care essentials turn greener! 

The ecological issue that they're working towards: There are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean, killing millions of aquatic creatures.


authentic house

4. Authentic House

Speaking of making ethical products more accessible to you, Authentic House does just that by letting you discover exciting, sustainable alternatives to your everyday home needs. With every box, you can choose which aspects of your home you would like to focus on - such as laundry, kitchen, bathroom, pantry, skin & hair care, and more, and you can also choose how many products you would like in your box, so your box can be perfectly tailored to your requirements.

The ecological issue that they're working towards: The immense amount of waste and unused products that eventually comes out of similar boxes.


The London Sock Exchange

5. The London Sock Exchange

Socks may be small, but they are definitely a wardrobe essential.Who doesn’t love a good pair of warm, fuzzy socks? The London Sock Exchange bring a way to even make wearing socks a way to help our planet! They allow you to refill their subscription box with old socks, which they sort out and then either give them away to feet that need them through a partnering charity in the UK or they are given a new life as recycled fabric. 

The ecological issue that they're working towards: We generate 1 million tonnes of clothing and textile every single year, in the UK alone, leading to a lot of landfill.


So, go ahead, subscribe to one of these for yourself, or gift them to a loved one and help them kickstart a more sustainable lifestyle too.


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Thank you for sharing our subscription box! (Authentic House) Your mission looks brilliant too. I love to read and unearthing the stories that might not get shared is a great thing to do.

Alice Ojeda

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