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5 Reasons Why A Box of Stories Is The Biggest Surprise Under The Tree This Year

It’s that time of the year where we find ourselves standing in front of book store aisles or scrolling through Amazon, for ages, trying to find the perfect gift for the book lovers in our lives, for the holiday season. Nothing beats the feeling of getting a book you’ve never seen before as a gift, and ending up actually enjoying it! After all, who doesn’t love such surprises! 

Imagine a book box that is filled with so many levels of surprises, that it becomes the ultimate Christmas gift for not only your favourite bookworms but you yourself! A Box of Stories is here to turn that fantasy into reality. 

Here is a list of 5 reasons why A Box of Stories is the biggest surprise under the tree this holiday season:


1. A Box of Stories' surprise begins at home

Our first layer of surprise hits you right when you unveil the 4 surprise titles within your box. As we pay attention to uniquely curating each box, there is no scope of running into spoilers, whatsoever. From hardbacks, to special editions, to signed copies - you never know what hidden gems you would find inside! Although you will certainly not know what to expect in your box, what’s inside will surely leave you feeling warm and fuzzy!


2. Heighten your surprise by venturing into uncharted territories

Opening a surprise box of books is just like opening a present on Christmas morning. 

Every time you open A Box of Stories, you discover 4 surprise books inside, books that you would have  never heard of. Why would you not have heard of them? All 4 books in your box are those that have received a lot of love but not a lot of marketing budget! These books have gone by unnoticed and have never fallen into your radar.

Thus, surprising yourself with A Box of Stories can be the perfect way to skip the monotony of reading only hyped books and to get out of any impending reading slumps! 


"What I Love: A Box of Stories is a unique book service that sets out to help you discover new authors and books you might not normally reach for (but all books have fantastic reviews)!" - @bookedupgirl


3. Dive into worlds you have never fantasized about before

You may have challenged yourself to read a thriller or try out sci-fi by the end of this year, but got too intimidated by the idea of stepping outside your comfort zone. A Box of Stories creates a unique experience that will definitely leave you surprised by how much you enjoy reading genres you would never have picked for yourself. 

With a Box of Stories, you could select a surprise box of historical fiction books and journey through 4 very different passages of time, or you could even go for our surprise box of fiction books and discover an unbelievable range of narrations. You can take the adventure up a notch and go for a total surprise - our surprise box of 4 mixed books!


"What’s also great about them is you can choose which box you want! From thriller and crime to light reads and general mixed fiction, there really is something for everyone!" - @stuarts_stories


4. Fall in love with an under-hyped story/author

If you don’t want to experiment with genres but want to simply try reading some new authors, you can select your favourite genre, and we will take care of the rest. With every surprise box, you pave the way to 4 unique worlds waiting to be discovered. You will be surprised by how many talented authors you had never known before because they just didn’t get enough hype.



“Just think it's a great way to discover new books and authors all at the same time saving some books!” - @unitedcakedom


5. Experience the potential of the carefully selected books

Finally, you will be surprised by the immense potential held within the 77 million books  that are destroyed in the UK each year. And to think, all these incredible stories get lost forever without even getting a chance to be read! A Box of Stories takes utmost care to deliver only the best of these under-hyped books, as our algorithm goes through thousands of reviews from book lovers just like you!

And that’s not all. The surprises don’t have to end with the holiday season! If you subscribe to a surprise box of your choice or gift someone a subscription, you are in for a year of surprises! In every 3rd box, you will receive bonus surprises such as extra books and discounts upto 50% off, and more!

So be it for yourself or for your loved ones, A Box of Stories will definitely deliver the biggest surprise under the tree this year!

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