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A Light Reads Box of 4 Surprise Books

Surprise Box of 4 Books 

Product Description

Meet new characters brought to life by fabulous authors.


The ideal gift for those that are looking for a quick escape and a light story. We worked hard to find the best easy reads, and each of these lesser known gems by leading publishers have resonated with others that love light reads around the world. 


In our Gift box: Four handpicked books, a lovely bookmark, and a personalised gift note in envelope. It's a heartfelt bookish adventure.


Product Details

Every Gift box has a box of 4 all-new books. The books in every box are curated and unique to your reading preferences. 


1. Surprise box of four brand new hand-picked books

2. Exclusive bookmark 

3. Personalised gift note in envelope

4. Never get the same box (or book) twice

5. Select up to two genres of books you don't want us to include! 

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  • "I look forward to reading the books, in particular authors I do not know and obviously deserve some recognition for their endeavours. Best gift ever" 
    • - Nina Clark

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Discover 4 amazing books and save them from being lost forever.

  • Four books highly-rated by book lovers

  • Curated & customized for you 

  • Save 4 stories from being lost forever.  

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Discover 4. Save 4.

The U.K publishes over 200,000 titles every year. Just 17% of these are lucky enough to receive marketing hype and become bestsellers. The rest often don't even make the bookshelves. Every box helps you discover 4 such incredible books curated for you from across the globe.

Together we have helped book lovers like you discover over 400,000 books.