Our Mission

Why amazing books stay undiscovered

Approximately 200,000 titles are published every year in the UK. Just 17% of these are lucky enough to get a decent marketing budget and make it to the ‘Bestsellers’ List created via the media and in bookstores.

Among the other 83% are many amazing books and new authors that get squeezed out of sight in the marketing blitz of the selected known bestsellers. And there they stay...undiscovered.

How do we change that?

So how does one discover these hidden gems that typically rely on strong word of mouth to get referred?

We curate titles that have sold in decent numbers. We then hand over the job to our Algorithm, which combines reviews from leading book forums, rankings on websites, critic reviews, blogs and sales figures from publishers, to create boxes that are guaranteed to delight a book lover. We have developed the capability to combine seemingly unrelated titles from across multiple publishers and genres into meaningful boxes.

Every Box is a new story

Unlike subscription websites that have a pre-decided box of 1 or 2 books, selected by their editors every month, we have absolutely no idea what our algorithm is going to put together for the next order it receives.

Our Promise

Every time you open a box you will discover an author or a book that you might not have otherwise come across or selected. We hope that once you read them and love them, you will then spread the word, so that more book lovers can discover these authors and their stories.

Paying it Forward

We like to think we’re creating a big happy circle. That’s why we give a percentage of our profits to charities working for literacy, so we can all keep spreading the joy of reading across the globe.


A Box of Surprises Every Single Time

Why our community love us