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A murder mystery, an unexpected twist, a chilling thriller. What will jump out of your box? Discover New Authors and Save These Highly Rated Yet Undiscovered Gems From Being Lost Forever.

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 77mn books are destroyed each year, in the U.K alone. 200,000 new books are launched each year in the U.K. Sadly, 83% of these are un-marketed and lost forever. Every box helps you discover 4 such incredible books curated for you from across the globe.

Together we have discovered over 500,000 amazing books.

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    5 Star reviews by 50,000+ Book Lovers

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What if I don’t like the books?

If you do not like your box you can easily return it. No questions asked! Ship it back and receive a 100% refund. Alternatively before the next box ships you could change your preferences on the online preference form or chat with someone from our customer success team. 

Can I find out which books I'll get in my box?

You can't find out which books will be in your surprise box until you receive it. That's part of the surprise!

How do you prevent duplicates?

To avoid receiving duplicate books, we keep track of every book we send your way. As long as you use the same email address every time you place an order, you will never receive the same title.