Latest Releases Box of Surprise Books


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If you love getting a hold of the newest titles right at your doorstep once every 3 months, our Latest Releases Box of Surprise Books is a must-have! From a handpicked selection of the freshest fiction books - our algorithm curates highly rated gems unique to your box, using early ratings and reviews from book lovers around the world.

In this box, you will receive a varied selection of 2 or 4 fiction books - all with titles published from August 2021 to November 2021. The surprises are chosen from a pool of fresh titles like Primary Obsessions, Her Secret War, Snow and Dreams Of A Little Cornish Cottage.

All the books are brand new.


  • 2 / 4 brand new Fiction books - fresh off the bookshelves
  • Spanning genres of Contemporary Fiction, Crime Mystery Thrillers & Light Reads.
  • A Box every 4 Months over a 12 Month period
  • A FREE extra book in the 3rd Box
  • Never receive the same box (or book) twice
  • Free UK shipping


Our orders generally arrive in 7 business days.