Your favourite book subscription box has a surprise for your kids- We just launched our Kids book box!!!

Are you missing your local bookstore? UK's top book subscription box is giving you a chance to get your hands on the latest book titles that should have been in your local bookstores now. We just launched our "Latest Releases" collection.

Over the years, A Box Of Stories has collaborated with leading publishers around the world to deliver happiness at your door steps, one box at a time and now we are bringing together some of the best kids titles in a surprise box for your little one.

The "Kids Book Box- Latest Releases", is a limited edition surprise book box that contains-

  •  2 story books  
  • 2 activity books  
  • And gallons of love and joy- Bringing your local bookshop to your doorsteps. 

The box surprises your child with the newest kids fiction reading titles- published from January 2020 right up to those launched in April 2020. For children 7+, this box is the best way to encourage your kids to discover highly rated books and have fun, while they’re stuck indoors. 

Have your kids waiting at the doorsteps for their next book box with the monthly subscription plan, You will never receive the same box (or book) twice. Subscribe now to save 5%, and receive four books every 1 or 2 months. Pause or cancel anytime. To know more click here. 

Like our previous article said, reading a book makes you happy, but reading a surprise book could just double the joy!

Order a box now for your little bookworm?! After all, Why should adults have all the fun?

Our family is growing every day and we’d love for you to be a part of it. But if you still need convincing,  head over to our last article- 10 reasons on why we think you shouldjoin the ABoS Subscription club.

Happy reading!

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